Thank you for visiting sominx.com. I am so excited you are interested in learning more about the brand. Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a bit more.

My name is Nneka and I am the woman that is behind sominx.com - based in San Francisco. When I'm not packing orders, answering your style questions, or even looking for the latest merchandise to bring to you, I'm working my day job as a brand marketing professional in tech. Girl, every day I am hustlin'!


Before hopping on the tech train, I worked in fashion as a stylist. The happiest times of my career was when I could build a beautiful capsule wardrobe or even just a going out outfit for the night for one of my clients.

I love to help women look and feel beautiful. For me, it is the best part of working as a stylist.


I launched sominx.com in 2019 - partly to satisfy my creative musings and also because I saw a gap in women's apparel for chic, sophisticated fashion.

My mission, with this boutique, is to curate stylish and affordable premium apparel that fits your busy lifestyle. I am constantly searching for chic apparel that won't break your wallet.

Looking good is imperative, but going broke over it, is so not!

⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪ ⚪

Thanks again for stopping by! Please check back often to see what is in stock as new styles are regularly added. You can also sign up for our periodical newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest happening on sominx.com. There's a nice discount in it for you :)

Your support is appreciated and your satisfaction is of utmost importance. Should you have any questions, hit the chat button - or - send an email to ClientCare@sominx.com. Look forward to connecting and shopping together.

With Love💕